Tournament and league organizers

PLAYHERA is an empowering platform for producers and organizers of gaming events, tournaments, and leagues. PLAYHERA provides tools and features that improve visibility over the gaming community, and gain better access and reach to the gamers.

Online tournament management system

PLAYHERA also features an online tournament management system that is continually developed and updated for major games and tournament types. Here are a few areas where PLAYHERA can contribute and expand the organizers potential and existing opportunities:

Stable community presence and engagement

Event Organizers presence and exposure in the gaming market tend to peak and drop depending on the activities they are holding around the year.

PLAYHERA allows the Event Organizers to have a more consistence presence and the ability to hold a multitude of events and activities online with minimal effort and cost.

Reach to the gamers​

PLAYHERA is a Hub for Gamers, with attractive social media features and a place to participate in tournaments and leagues with high value prizes.

PLAYHERA is also an ideal place for gamers to get exposure and gain skills through managed gaming activities.

Sponsor engagement​

Event Organizers have various tools to engage sponsors before during and after events. PLAYHERA is all about engagement and innovation; each brand can find many ways to engage with audience on PLAYHERA

Reports can help also gage and evaluate the engagement results and reach.

Federation engagement

PLAYHERA partners with global eSports federations, this facilitates business for Event organizers as they can host official tournaments on PLAYHERA easily according to Federation Rules and regulations for these tournaments. 

Federations have dedicated portals to regulate and monitor the gaming events and also gain visibility on the top performing Event organizers, gamers and clans.

Tournament Management System

PLAYHERA TMS is a well-featured toolkit allowing Event Organizers to create eSports competitions, manage them and make them known in minutes. No matter the size and number of events – PLAYHERA’s got everything covered. 

Streamlined process and advanced functionality save organizers and players hours of work per tournament.

Tournament Types​

Single brackets, double brackets, round robin groups, eliminations – popular tournament formats that ensure a balance between ultimate viewing experiences and fair outcomes. 

Event Organizers have an opportunity to pick the right format and combine it with multi-stages management to create the best competition. 

Player and clan communication tools​

Communication wins games. Communication is the bridge that allows players and teams be greater and perform to the best of their abilities. 

PLAYHERA is enriched with built-in services providing high-quality voice calls, team and clan chats and private messages. 

Judging tools

Referees are the arbiters of the tournament and should act accordingly – control observing rules and regulations, solve debatable issues, make decisions regarding penalties, etc. 

PLAYHERA is fitted with all necessary tools wrapped with smooth and convenient layout for referees to perform all their judging actions.

Leaderboard tools

Leaderboards provide players and teams with an understanding of where they rank in comparison to their peers. Having a leaderboard creates a sense of progress and achievement.

PLAYHERA has real-time leaderboards listing best teams and players in terms of countries, leagues and tournaments. PLAYHERA leaderboards engage players and encourage them work harder.